Sorghum Syrup
Making 2003

For the second year in a row I was able to go out and watch sorghum being made. Rev. Charles Williams, of Ashville makes it the way his father taught him and his father learned from his father. The process begins in the spring by planting the cane. In the fall it is cut and stacked close to the mill. It must be hand fed a little at a time.

Some of the horse power to run the mill that presses the juice from the cane was supplied by John Stewart, also of Ashville, and his pair of Haflinger mares. This was the pairs second year of syrup making and they were really getting the hang of it. The juice flows by gravity to the long cooker or evaporator.

Mr. Williamsí setup is under a new carport type awning. The heat is supplied by a wood fire that slowly cooks out enough water to thicken the juice into syrup. Itís a long hot process.

If you are interested in some homemade sorghum syrup made the old way you can contact Rev. Williams at 205-594-5762. For more photos visit our website.

All photographs © Paul E. Doss, Jr. 2003

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