This page contains links relating to the area covered by
St. Clair and Blount Counties -
Ashville, Argo, Altoona, Branchville, Gallant, Margaret, Moody, Odenville,
Oneonta, Pell City, Ragland, Springville, Steele, Wattsville

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A website featuring videos of the Alabama Gulf Coast

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Bama Beach Weddings




Blount County

Blount County - AlGen Web genealogy.

Springville First Baptist Church

St Clair Country - The official site.   Ashville, Branchville, Moody, Odenville,  
Pell City,
Ragland, Springville, Steele.

St Clair County - AlGen Web genealogy site.

St Clair County Extension System   

Pell City Chamber of Commerce

Pell City Beach - Promotes the construction of "Pell City Beach.

Amateur Radio Emergency Service -



St Clair County Library 

Ashville Public Library 

Moody Library 

Odenville Public Library

Springville Public Library

Steele Public Library



Pell City School System

St. Clair County Schools  
A website developed, by three educators in the 
Pell City School system, to help teachers from all over 
Alabama find what they need on the internet.


Shows and Events

Horse Pens 40
Now open under new owner. Open again for climbing, camping, hiking, music
festivals, Civil War reenactments, Powwows, motorcycle rallies, and more.

Homestead Hollow

Area Business Sites

Ashville Manufactured Housing - website

Kell Realty - website - Real Estate.

Linda Ellen Price - website - Portraits

Lovejoy Realty - website - Real Estate.

St. Clair Regional Hospital - website - Hospital



SGT. AMBROSE DOSS - A site containing 7 of 50 letters my great-great grandfather wrote home to his wife Sara  and
friends while fighting in the Civil War. The letters were written between 1861-1864. They give an excellent picture of what
life was like in the war.