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We are always looking for more photos of this area. If you have some you would like to share
please contact us. We will need a photo release which you can print out here.

This is a collection of old photos that have run in THE COUNTRY BULLETIN in the past. It is getting much harder to find them as time goes by. If anyone has any old photos of the area, and would like to see them published in the printed version and here on the internet, please let us know. Share a part of this areas history with not only our local citizens but with the world.

It is not possible to mention anything to do with old photos of our area without mentioning JACK FENDLEY of Oneonta, Alabama. Jack was a good friend who passed away the end of last year (1999). He shared many of his great old photos from his collection with us. He is very much missed.

This is just a few of the photos. Check back because there are many more to come.

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img58.jpg (29264 bytes)

Mr. Tom Riddle, early 1920ís. Picture made close to Swann Bridge,
one of Blount Counties covered bridges. Near Cleveland, Al.


img61.jpg (16136 bytes)

Isaac Anderson Blackwood and wife Mary. Isaac was a brother to
E.N. Blackwood, long time tax collector for Blount County.



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