This section contains photographs used in THE COUNTRY BULLETIN and elsewhere and by local people, with their permission.  The benefit of the internet being that they can be seen in full color (when it is available).

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rena09.jpg (73601 bytes)

The April 14-16, 2000   SOUTH EAST RENAISSANCE FAIRE  
at Horse Pens 40. (10 Photos)
img67.jpg (14738 bytes)

War Reenactments held in 
Ashville Alabama in the falls of

catsnacupboard2.JPG (33889 bytes)

A couple of pictures I really like from a book of poetry we printed called "KITES, WINGS, AND DREAMS" written by Kathy Humber of Oneonta.  Photos Copyright 2000 Kathy Humber. All rights reserved.
courthouse.jpg (73429 bytes)

AREA PHOTOS. Photos from
around our coverage area. 
Around the area.

Snow on the farm.
Pinedale Shores 2 pictures.
Logan Martin Lake

Historic buildings:

St. Clair Country Courthouse in Ashville. 
The John W. Inzer Museum, Inc.
John Looney Pioneer Museum
Old Ashville Masonic Lodge.

flood1.jpg (43393 bytes)

Flood from the April 7, 2000 issue.
3 Photos.


tmpwebfoto5.JPG (24505 bytes)

A spectacular sunset just after the
7-20-2000 wind storm. 
Photo taken near I-59 and Hwy 231.

paper.jpg (141052 bytes)

The bulletin before it was put together for the Sept. 8, 2000 issue.
2 photos.

chopper.jpg (14856 bytes)

A Jack's attack. 2 choppers land at Jack's.
2 photos.

aya2001a.jpg (237010 bytes)

2001 AYA Baseball & Softball
Opening Day Ceremonies.
11 Photos.
Ashville Braves Team Photo
AHSband2001a.jpg (188486 bytes)

Ashville HS Band, Gadsden Concert.
May 11, 2001.
6 photos.

Evening Rainbow between
Ashville & Ragland.
May 2001. (1 photo)
eagle2.JPG (139896 bytes)  eagle3.JPG (91960 bytes)

These two pretty well speak for themselves.

govvet1.jpg (39351 bytes)

Veteran's Day Celebration 2001

A-11.jpg (526478 bytes)

Christmas on the Square 2001

argostorm1.jpg (133318 bytes)

Tornado Damage in Argo.
Sorry I don't have the date.
6 photos.
trainwreck1.jpg (247807 bytes)

Train wreck on Pinedale Road.
Sorry don't have the date.
4 photos.

ksivley-springtimeserenity copy.jpg (158891 bytes)

Picture taken by Krystan Decker a student at Springville Elementary School. She is active in 4H and for the past 2 years has won blue ribbons for her photography. This year (2002) she won on the county level and went on to the 4H Birmingham District Roundup. She won third place for this photograph. The photograph was taken at Culllman's Larkwood Falls, which is a spillway off Sportsman Lake (between Highway 278 & 157). She was 12 years old at the time.
Untitled-7.jpg (243405 bytes)

Making sorghum syrup in Ashville.
9 photos. 2002

Rev. Charles Williams of Ashville
makes sorghum syrup in 2003.

11 pictures of our old shop after the fire on March 16, 2003.

3 photos from the AYA's Opening Day.

A couple photos of places and criiters taken in the area.